File managing

CdIt v1.50
12 Mar 1998
33 KB
Utility to easily change your current directory. Run "CdIt gnu" and find yourself in the dir starting with the letters "gnu"! Fast!! Now in nice colors. Support for inclusion/exclusion of CD-ROMs and network drives.

Full C-source included!

DirSize v1.0
31 Oct 1996
24 KB
Displays the following information on a directory and all it's subdirectories
  • Total number of files
  • Total number of subdirectories
  • Total space occupied
Full C-source included!
SubKill v1.10
20 Jun 1995
5 KB
A little util whose greatest mission in life is to delete files in subdirectories. It does this with a huge amount of joy and love. It is capable of understanding wildcards. E.g "SubKill kaka.tx?" or "SubKill banan*.mos" will delete all files matching those descriptions in the current directory and all it's subdirs.

Full ASM-source included!

Graphics programs

F.O v0.61
30 Dec 1996
32 KB
A picture-viewer in 100% 32-bit assembly running under DOS32.
  • ColorRIX (.SCX) 16 and 256 colors
  • ILBM (.LBM) up to 256 colors
  • PBM (.LBM) 256 colors
  • Windows BMP (.BMP) up to 256 colors
  • ZSoft PCX (.PCX) up to 256 colors
  • FLI/FLC (.FL?) 256 colors
  • Widths: 128,160,184,256,320,352,360,368,376
  • Heights: 40,80,120,160,200,240,256,282,308,350,360,400,480,512,540,564
  • The above sizes can be mixed together in ANY way!
  • 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 and 1280x1024

Full ASM-source included!

26 Oct 1995
3 KB
Just a tiny program capable of displaying 320x200x256 ILBM-pics.

Full ASM-source included!

Take This!
02 Apr 1995
22 KB
A quite boring intro I made...
16 Jan 1996
26 KB
Just a little something I coded for a friend of mine's birthday...

Trainers / cheats / patches

WarCheat v1.0
12 Apr 1995
11 KB
Gives you the ability to change your amount of lumber and gold in the excellent game WarCraft, Copyright (C) Blizzard.
Paranoid Trainer
19 Feb 1996
1 KB
A trainer I coded in a few moments lack of patience... ;) It gives you unlimited lives in the game Paranoid, Copyright (C) Ben North and Tom North 1992.
XP patch for Baldur's Gate Running this patch will remove the 89k xp limit from Baldur's Gate, (C) BioWare Corp. I've made several versions of this patch. Choose the one that fits your version of the game.


Double Chess v0.91b
28 Aug 1995
4 KB
A chess-program I once started working on... It was never finished. :( You CAN play 2 humans against each other though. That works except for "check-checking" which isn't implemented yet. (will it ever be?)


De3DNow v0.83
09 Aug 1999
62 KB
This programmer's util converts all 3DNow! instructions (and normal ones as well if you wish) in a file to "db" constants. As of right now, there's one specific limitation to what it can do; it can't handle variables and thus "pfmul mm0,var" will not be converted whereas "pfmul mm0,[ebx+esi*4+42]" works just fine.
Text Mode v1.40
31 Oct 1996
2 KB
A textmode-switcher. It can switch between any of these modes: 80x12/14/21/25/28/30/34/43/50/60/70 or any VESA-mode.

Tiny ones

Tid (250 bytes)
17 Dec 1995
362 bytes
Displays the current time in the form "Klockan är 14 minuter i två.". I reckon this program is mostly for swedish users... =)
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