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08 Oct 2021 04:34:57  Felipe Correa da Silva Sanches
I've used HexIt for many many many years! I learned a lot about x86 asm in the years I was actively using it on a daily basis. Nowadays, I still get back to it under DosBox from time to time as it is a great tool. It would be awesome if you could publish its source code under a free software license (MIT, GPL, whatever you like). Cheers!
07 May 2021 08:14:25  ToasterBoy
Thanks for Hexit, needed something like this for DOS :), works perfect!
14 Jun 2020 18:32:17  BillyZ
Hi Hi,

Mikael would you be kind enough to put up the source for HexIt v1.57?

05 Feb 2020 12:58:41  hd89
thanks hexeit is what i was searching for my dos collection :P
03 Jan 2020 23:04:32  Marzvix
Hexit... Good to learn and edit stuff in my DosBox! Very kind of you to make this available! Thx.
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