YeOldeTimer v1.15
04 Jun 2012
154 KB
YeOldeTimer v1.15 win64
04 Jun 2012
239 KB
Small timer application that resides in your systray and allows you to set, well, timers...
  • Few clicks required
  • Multiple simultaneous timers
  • Can optionally run a program/document/url when timer fires
  • Hides in systray
  • Updates automatically over the internet


wawit v1.67
04 Jun 2012
64 KB
Remote control for winamp (v2 or v5). Highlights:
  • Hides in systray
  • Controls your local computer's winamp or a networked computer's
  • Captures multimedia keys even when program is minimized to systray
  • Switches between multiple winamp servers at the press of a button
  • Sleep mode stops winamp after a timer runs out
  • Updates automatically over the internet
  • Create custom playlists (filters) easily, e.g. all tracks with the word "dub" in the path or filename
  • Replicates winamp's "jump to file" functionality. Just type a part of the track name you wish to play
  • Hotkeys
    • multimedia keys (prev, next, stop, play, pause, volume up, volume down, mute)
    • ctrl+play: bring up main window
    • shift+play: toggle shuffle
    • shift+prev/next: rewind/ffwd
    • shift+volume up/down: change in small steps


Watshit v1.02
20 Jun 2001
19 KB
Measures the network traffic on your system. Some info:
  • Shows download and upload traffic per second
  • Set update interval to x ms
  • Move your mouse over it and see total traffic (for current session as well as all-time total) in a tooltip
  • Customizable font. The window is automagically resized to fit
  • Customizable colors and window frame
  • Requires WinNT (incl. Win2k). If you've got any ideas on how to gather the traffic data in a non-NT specific way, don't hesitate to mail me


Full C-source included (thoroughly ripped TimeIt code...)

TimeIt v1.32
20 Jun 2001
48 KB
A nifty little program that displays a digital clock on your screen. Some info:
  • Set timers to trigger messageboxes after a period of time. You can have up to 1000 different timers set to any number of seconds
  • Run executable files when timers go off
  • Move your mouse over it and see the current date in a tooltip, and/or scrolled in the window
  • Customizable font. The window is automagically resized to fit
  • Customizable colors and window frame


Full C-source included (Yes, yes, I really should clean it up a bit some time...)

iceptit v1.00
04 Oct 2003
206 KB
Can be used to intercept other programs' calls to dll functions. I've personally used it to fool the ancient Fallout installer into thinking it's running under win98 -- it won't install if it sees it's actually running on a win2k system. Now comes with a utility to patch the Import section of an executable to refer to iceptit.dll.

Full C-source included

SleepWamp v1.01
03 Oct 1999
10 KB
Ever wanted to play some music for about 2 hours when you went to bed? SleepWamp lets you. This program kills winamp when a timer runs out, and is seated snugly in the systray at all times. Sweet dreams!

Full C-source included

cpresume v1.01
22 Mar 2002
5 KB
Copies a source file to a destination file, resuming from the dest file's end and optionally starting from an offset.
Works fine with UNC paths (i.e. SMB networks), which is the reason I wrote it.

Full C-source included

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