Factors with less than 25 digits are not logged. They are saved and used though.


Let k+ mean numbers of the form k·2n+1 and k- mean k·2n-1 when you read this page.

Algebraically induced factors

Because 9·22n-1 = (3·2n-1)·(3·2n+1) the submit script will automatically try the same factor against 9- if you submit one for any of the 3± numbers. If you submit a factor for 9·22n-1 the factor will be tried against both 3- and 3+ — one of them will be right.

If both a 3,n± composite and the corresponding 9,2n- should be requested with listcomposites.php then only the latter is included.


You can use some additional arguments to customize the request:
nmin=a only lists composites with n≥a
nmax=b only lists composites with n≤b
enhanced=true adds a comment line before each composite, stating which k,n± it belongs to

Example: listcomposites.php?enhanced=true&sort=size&file1=3t2rnp1.txt&nmax=750


Optional arguments:
wrap=true allows column data to wrap, occupying more than one line.

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