Proth_sieve is a sieve program for Proth and Riesel numbers (k*2^n±1) developed by Mikael Klasson and Paul Jobling.

You should probably try running something else nowadays as newer, faster, and better sievers seem to have arrived. Proth_sieve hasn't been improved since 2004.

Download clients below. A list of changes can be found here.

Intel Pentium Pro, AMD Duron and later processors should use the CMOV versions to gain 5-10% speed. Pentium 4 and AMD64 should go with SSE2.

A nice guide by ceselb that explains how to use proth_sieve with the Riesel Sieve project can be found here.


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Using it

Try some of the following DC projects if you're looking for ways to use proth_sieve:

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